“How can I help Little’s Lake?”

The first thing you can do is to become a member and share Little’s Lake with your friends and family.

Besides being a member, other ways to help out Little’s Lake include:

1. Help us with regular financial contributions!

Continue to donate to help with ongoing projects at Little’s Lake. Minimize your tax burden with regular tax deductible donations to Weare C. Little Memorial Park Association 278 Van Rensselaer Blvd Albany 12204.

Donation QR Code
Scan this QR Code with your phone to donate to Little’s Lake.

2. Intern or Volunteer with us!

Ask the Caretaker about volunteer opportunities next time you are at Little’s Lake or call the Caretaker at (518) 463-8585.  To learn more, check out our post about opportunities for an Environmental Internship at Little’s Lake.

3. Help us with our maintenance projects!

At Little’s Lake there is always work to do and you can help while enjoying your time fishing, hiking, or relaxing.

While on the lake, look out for Water Chestnuts, an invasive species that hurts the wildlife in the lake.  Ask the Caretaker about how you can help remove them.

Water chestnut has become a significant environmental
nuisance throughout much of its range,
particularly in the Hudson, Connecticut and
Potomac Rivers, and in Lake Champlain. The plant
can form nearly impenetrable floating mats of
vegetation. These mats create a hazard for boaters
and other water recreators. The density of the
mats can severely limit light penetration into the
water and reduce or eliminate the growth of native
aquatic plants beneath the canopy. The reduced
plant growth combined with the decomposition of
the water chestnut plants which die back each year
can result in reduced levels of dissolved oxygen in
the water, impact other aquatic organisms, and potentially
lead to fish kills. The rapid and abundant
growth of water chestnut can also out-compete both submerged and emergent native aquatic vegetation.

While walking around the Lake on the trail, be on the lookout for Garlic Mustard, an invasive species that competes with local vegetation.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

We need your help to keep Little’s Lake clean!  The rule is simple: what you bring in, you also bring out. To keep our planet clean and to protect living organisms from our waste please Pack It In, Pack It Out!

Learn more about this initiative here!